I have gained and lost 40 pounds several times and thought - okay, I know what to do, I can do this. I joined the gym but the going was slow and I was having a hard time staying motivated. I noticed Amy training other people and I liked the way she focused on them completely, always treating them with compassion. I started working out with Amy and could barely lift the smallest weights. She became my cheerleader, gently encouraging me with humor and right amount of "push". Some days I still have a hard time with my food plan, but Amy doesn't judge, just gently encourages to get back on track. Six months later I've gone from 32% to 16% body fat and have lots of energy at the end of the day.

- Michele W.



At 28 years old, I was in the worst shape of my life and a full blown alcoholic. I made up every excuse in the world not to join a gym or get my life together. I joined The S Club Gym and started training with Amy. She has been great! Amy understood what I was looking for. When she asked me what my goals were, I'm not ashamed to admit, I said "I want to look like the guy in the magazines". She didn't laugh at me like others did, she put my *ss to work! Five months into training with Amy, I am down 10% bodyfat and have packed on 12 pounds of muscle. The results speak for themselves. I'm thankful for Amy, the programs she designs and the gym!!

-Matt M.









I started training with Amy a little under three months ago after many years of being overweight. I wanted to get in better shape, improve my health, and lose weight before my son's wedding. Amy has been great to work with! Everything Amy said about her program has proven to be true for me. I have fewer cravings, more energy, have lost weight (almost 10% of my original weight), gained muscle, and have given up drinking sodas. My energy level is much steadier all day so I don't feel I need the caffeine anymore. It takes time and energy to follow her plan but I think it is worth it! I have not ever had results as these in my prior attempts to lose weight and get in shape!

Thanks Amy for all of your help and encouragement in working toward my fitness goals! I feels good to know I am on my way.

- Laurie B



I am a woman in my 50's, getting no exercise and had a poor diet as well. I joined the gym hoping to change things about myself. I work in Senoia and wanted a gym here because I knew I would not drive to Newnan to work out. I also liked the 24 hour, 7 days a week access so I could workout whenever I wanted. I worked out on my own but soon decided I needed someone to show me what I needed to do. I signed up with Amy and I could not be happier with the results I have seen. Amy made me feel good about exercising and is very supportive. I go three days a week and feel so much better. I am very pleased to have found the S Club and Amy.

-Jo R



One day I had pulled into a gas station to fill up and while I was waiting I was munching on some McDonald's french fries.  When all of a sudden, this car pulls up with "Jessica Amy Reynolds Fitness" on the side of it.  I kept contemplating if I should go over and talk to the lady in the car or just go on home.  Well, I decided to walk over and ask for some information regarding the program.  That was the day I met Amy and my life changed.  I have always been the type of person who would start to work out and then quit because of some excuse.  The motivation that Amy provides is exactly what I needed.  I look forward to going to the gym and having my training sessions with her as well as the cardio.  But it is not just the working out that does the job, you have to look at nutrition as well and Amy teaches you everything you need to know about eating right.  So far, I have been with Ms. Amy for just two months and I have seen results that I didn't think were possible in that time frame.  I started out at 170lbs with 32.88% body fat.  Again, in just TWO MONTHS, I have dropped down to 159 lbs with 22.75% body fat.  PLUS...I have dropped not one, but TWO pants sizes. Don't think I am stopping now.  I am going to continue to lose, build muscle and tone up my body with Amy.  I love all the compliments that I am receiving now.  Everyone asks how I am doing it and I immediately tell them to call Amy as she has changed my life.  Thank you Amy!!

**Update:  I have just finished my fourth month and I am down to 148lbs/ 21.71% bodyfat and THREE pants sizes so far!!! 










I have trained with Amy for 5 months. I came in wanting to lose some fat, get healthier and build a little muscle but not bulk up. She listened to what I wanted. She changes the workouts up every 4 weeks. We lifted weights, flipped 400lb tires and mixed it up which made it fun to workout. My bodyfat went from 21% down to 13%. My wife says I finally have leg muscles and a butt!

-Dan K



I have been going to The S Club since June and I love it!! Plenty of space to lift, do cardio and stretch. I then signed up with Amy and she is one of the best trainers I have ever had. She knows her stuff!! She listens to your concerns and creates fabulous workouts and gives you customized meal plans. I highly recommend The S Club and Amy's Personal Training!

-Trisha S



I have been training with Amy for several months now. I was previously with a trainer for over a year with no results and no change in program. Amy's approach to changing your plan every 4 weeks and the understanding of nutrition is key! The workouts are fun, challenging and far from boring. I really look forward to my time in the gym! I have decreased my bodyfat while sculpting muscle...my arms finally have tone and I am having to have all my pants taken in! The last time I weighed 126 was 40 years ago! She really knows what she is doing!


Starting weight: 140lbs

Current weight:  126lbs



I have always been a bit of a gym rat and have trained with personal trainers who I have gotten great results with and absolutely no results. I met Amy about six months ago and I had reached a point in my workouts where I was bored and unmotivated. After talking with Amy, I made the decision to train with her. We talked about goals and what I was looking for in a workout and then we were off! Three months into my program, I went from 28% bodyfat to 14%.  I was absolutely thrilled!! Now, at six months in, I am down 30 pounds and at my goal of 12% bodyfat. I am absolutely addicted to fitness and I am thrilled with the life style change that I have made.  I have people that are absolutely amazed at the transformation that I have made and it is so exciting and encouraging to hear those compliments! I am totally looking forward to the summer and bathing suit season!!!  I cannot say enough good things about Amy.  She is not only knowledgable but she is supportive and encouraging on a personal level.  If you are looking to make a change in your life, whether it be to lose weight or just increase your level of fitness, Amy is the way to go!! Thanks Amy for everything!!!