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7 Steps for Fitness Success

1)  Set measurable and attainable goals
2)  Exercise at least 1 hour per day
3)  Limit sugar, saturated fats & sodium
4)  Drink more water
5)  Get your sleep
6)  Reduce stress
7)  Purge negative thoughts and people from your life

Image by Bruno Nascimento
Image by Delaney Van

Motivational Tactics

1.  PICTURE of the perfect body! Each of us have goals we wish to obtain physically. Find a picture of "that body" in your current fitness magazine! Cut

it out and keep it with you or on the fridge for a focal point!! 


2.  CLOTHES!! Something brand new, that favorite dress or those jeans from yeats ago will suffice just fine!  Hang that where you can see it everyday and try to put it on every few weeks to see how much progress you have made!    


3. TRAINER...your personal trainer is always great motivation...even outside of your workouts!  I spend alot of time texting my clients! I get text of the latest  developement in dropped jean size and frustrations over cravings!  I am always here to listen!!         

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